L A N A & H A N A

TOKYO ♡ MAY 14 - 23


Visiting all the way from Germany, Lana Marina is joining Hana again for another exciting adventure!


Not only are Lana and I compatible playmates, but we are also the closest of friends!

We know each other’s likes and dislikes, as well as our biggest turn-ons and fantasies.

If you are feeling intrigued.. you will be pleased to know that this duo team is back for more fun!

We will both be available for duo bookings in Tokyo from May 14th until the 23rd.

And since we love playing with each other, we are also offering special duo rates!

Scroll a little further down to read more information and to book a date with us.

We look forward to taking great care of you. ♡




The rates listed below include both Lana and Hana’s rates.


1 Hour

75,000 yen

2 Hours

100,000 yen

3 Hours

130,000 yen




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