Prior to making an appointment, you may want to know what to expect during a date with me.

I've attached a few excerpts from past reviews below. Please feel free to read them.





"Seductively sexual, warm-hearted, voluptuously beautiful, big brown eyes and a bottom that begs to be worshiped - these are just a few of the wonderful attributes that contribute to the stunning person that is Hana Maria.

Hana has a desire to ensure her companion is totally satisfied and wants for nothing. Her silky smooth skin, soft luscious lips, ample breasts, and amazing butt ensured a wonderful time was had. Her oral skills must be experienced to be believed. Hana’s demure demeanour is brushed aside in the bedroom as she unselfishly delivers an unforgettably passionate experience to her lovers, one that will have you craving more after she has left. I know I was and I look forward to the next opportunity to see Hana when ever that may be."


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APRIL 2018


"Hana fit in my arms very nicely. I am very partial to her body type, ideal for spooning.. I enjoy intimacy and the special feeling I get from holding and touching a beautiful woman. To that end, I still can't stop thinking about the evening. Her soft skin, her smell, her touch, her voice and those amazing eyes.

She is definitely submissive once you have her in your domain, decidedly feminine and has, indeed, a remarkable bottom. So enjoyable to watch her walk, It is delicious. I may just focus on that for the next date."


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"We talked for a little and then went to the shower. I was so comfortable with her that I didn't hesitate to take off my clothes, and in the shower I could see her body. I am getting crazy just thinking of her body again.

After the shower, we went to the bed and started kissing. A very good kiss, I must say. Some more kissing, some foreplay and I was ready to go..

She is so sweet and kind. Loved this experience."


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JUNE 2017


"I had the opportunity to meet with Hana numerous times over the course of my 3-week stay in Japan. This review is not of any one time in particular, but rather my attempt to summarize of all our fantastic dates.

Upon meeting Hana, you’ll notice how incredibly beautiful she is. She has some of the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen. She has a great smile that will instantly put you at ease. As others have mentioned, she has an amazing curvy body. She is a tad on the shy side; however, that can easily be overcome if you just take a moment to get to know each other a bit. You’ll actually realize she is an incredibly interesting person.

For dates, it didn’t matter what we did. She was a great companion. We would go out to eat and have great conversations over delicious food. For one of the dates, we went to karaoke and had so much fun singing that we completely lost track of time. When we would arrive at the LH, we would make our way to the shower. There was plenty of kissing and making out with hints of what was to come later. Honestly, I would have spent the entire time kissing; she is a phenomenal kisser.

As others have stated, once making it to bed Hana truly provides you with an outstanding GFE. I don’t wish to get too in detail, but she is very eager to please and never left me unsatisfied."


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MARCH 2017 (DUO)


"Alice and Hana are two amazing beautiful women who contrast and complement each other perfectly, and I am glad that not only was this my first 3P, but also their first 3P together which made it a first for all of us in a way.

Alice and Hana, you two made that afternoon completely unforgettable for me and I hope you had as much fun as I did. Thank you for being so sweet and patient with me."


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"Hana is an absolute sweetheart. She has the most beautiful eyes and is so beautiful overall! From her sweet smile, to her amazing curvy body, Hana is a perfect package of sweet and naughty. We hit it off instantly when we met and were having great conversations before kicking off the naughty fun. 

After the fun, we laid in bed, talked about photography, life in general and just cuddled and kissed. She was extremely easy to open up to as we come from very similar backgrounds and life experiences.

If you want a companion that is sexy as well as an amazing cuddler, Hana is your girl.

Sweet, curvy and extremely cute. I'd spend the whole night cuddling with her if I had the chance. Don't hesitate!"


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"Gentlemen, Hana is the real deal.. the GFE that you are looking for. She may seem shy at first, but once you get to know her and get her out of her shell, she is more than a handful.

Like all reviews of her in the past have stated, she knows how to kiss. I wouldn't have minded kissing her the entire TIME. That's how good it was. We had so much fun showering that we barely made it to the bed."


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"Based on all the positive reviews about Hana, I finally made up my mind to book an appointment with her. Booking an appointment was very smooth as she replied back very quickly and agreed for a morning session even though my request came late at night the previous day.

As expected, I was very excited about meeting her, and folks, it was indeed a memorable experience for me. Hana is a beautiful, very sweet, and down-to-earth person. She is a little shy and don't expect that she will take the lead, but she will oblige to your wishes and requests, and believe me, she will take the ecstasy to the next level. She is an excellent kisser and very good at oral skills.

I am not getting into the details of the encounter as many people had given many positive comments before. I must say that it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Hana is a very sweet girl and highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a true GFE."


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"Within minutes of checking into the room, Manami was in her bra and panties, straddling me on the sofa, while Hana ran the bath water. Moments later, I had Hana out of her clothes and the three of us enjoyed a very sensual shower session as the two ladies, both skilled BBBJ artists, employed their... well, skills!"


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"Upon meeting Hana, I was instantly blown away!! She looked even better than expected. Those hips of hers make it hard to focus on what seemed to be a very long stroll to the love hotel.

Hana has a vibrant personality that will have "most" of your body at ease right away. Her lips are extra soft, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing the kissing game until I could no longer take it anymore. I was ready for dessert now.

She is shaved and bikini-wax-smooth down below. She let me enjoy myself until she could no longer contain herself. Once I came up for air, she told me to lay down. There was a few seconds of captivating eye contact.

I could tell she wanted to hear my next request, but before I could say anything.. Wow!!! She was quick to return the favor. Her BBBJ was mind-blowing!!"


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JULY 2016


"Hana is a Japanese-Peruvian mix, but she basically looks like a Latina hottie with a slight Asian touch that gives her an exotic flair. Her face is simply gorgeous.

Her body is classic Latina voluptuousness.. lush and sensuous curves, soft and bouncy flesh.. hard for me to think about it and stay clear-headed enough to write an articulate description!

Being with her is like once again having an excited, horny, passionate, eager, somehow at once wild and innocent high school or college girlfriend. Personally, I greatly enjoy being with women of a wide range of ages, but Hana is a vivid reminder of why many men so strongly prefer the youngest legal lovers they can have."


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APRIL 2016


"We made our way to the bed, where Hana put on some music. She looked beautiful lying naked on the bed on her stomach. I crawled into bed next to her and began caressing her sexy body. We started with some LFK for a few minutes before I rolled Hana over on her back and started kissing her body, working my way down.. she was really into it and I got her to orgasm several times."


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APRIL 2016


"My goodness, this girl's got curves in all the right places. Hip-to-waist ratio is great, full legs, and an incredible ass to boot. Now, I'm an ass man myself and Hana absolutely does NOT disappoint here. She's got some great pictures up on her site, but to be honest, I think she's a lot sexier in person. Like, WAY sexier. Great figure, looks gorgeous, and has incredibly smooth and soft skin.

Overall, I really love the time I spend with Hana. She's sexy, sweet, and we're actually fairly close in age so it's really easy to open and get intimate with her. Every time I've seen her has been completely worth it."


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MARCH 2016


"Warning! If you want a spicy Latina-Japanese mix with ass for days.. Be like Nike and Just Do It!"


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MARCH 2016


"Hana's definitely a pleaser, both shy and innocent feeling, yet I could feel a trace of some passionate fire from the short time we were together. I was feeling extremely well after our date, and I'm absolutely looking forward to seeing her again!"


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MARCH 2016


"When she walked through the door, I was shocked at how beautiful she was.

Hana has the curves I have been looking for. I will look no further."


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